Aidan the baby


UPDATE 6/24/13: Aidan is doing much better and healing very nicely. Aidan is going to undergo some testing for his condition on his back but he is receiving great care and is in a loving foster home during all of this. Right now his medical bills are estimated at about $400 which includes his testing, neuter and shots.  Once we get the testing results we will share the information with all of you as to what happens next for Aidan. He is such a trooper and the thoughts now are it is a severe skin condition that was caused by his prior living conditions. After being bathed, living in a good clean environment, eating good dog food, and being taken care of he is really doing much better.

HOPE has a new baby that we want to introduce. Aidan has come to our attention from the Effingham County Animal Shelter. Aidan was brought in by an Animal Control Officer that found him abandoned and hurt. It appears someone has set this poor little baby on fire or burned him somehow. There was not enough for the officer to go on for a case so this baby has been released for adoption, although he needs emergency medical care and cannot be adopted yet. If he was not taken today he would have been put down at the shelter as they do not have the funds available for such cases. HOPE stepped in and is now working with Coastal Pet Rescue to help him. HOPE will be providing the medical aspect while Coastal Pet Rescue will be fostering him and getting him adopted out into a loving home when his treatments are done.

Lisa Scarborough of Coastal Pet Rescue named him Aidan which is means “Little Fire” in Irish. Perfect name for a little guy. He is young which makes it even harder to bear someone would do something so cruel to a baby. He appears to be a small terrier type but full of energy. With some tender loving care and some medical attention he should be just fine. He is scheduled to go to Animal Hospital of Rice Hope tomorrow for his exam. Lets wish him luck.

We will be starting a chip-in soon for him and will provide the details as soon as it is ready. We are awaiting his veterinary visit to see just what is going on with him. We know he will need his shots, to be neutered, and have his burns tended to. We just do not know if there is anything else that needs to be done. If you would like to send in a donation now please send a check to HOPE at P.O. Box 2601 Rincon, GA 31326 and put “Aidan” in the memo. We are also working on getting a Donate button added to our site for added convenience.

Here is our poor Aidan.

IMG953929 IMG953911 IMG_3931 IMG_3918 IMG953915

HOPE was at the Strawberry Festival

HOPE not only puts on the HOPE PET EXPO but also participates in many local events. Here HOPE was at the Strawberry Festival 2013. We like to help educate the public on proper pet ownership and the benefits of spaying and neutering. We also offer items like doggie bandanas, homemade doggie biscuits, hand painted wine glasses, bracelets and more. All proceeds from our events go directly to the pets.

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We would like you all to meet “Bones” H.O.P.E. and Companion Animal Aid’s most recent collaborative rescue project. He was found roaming the streets of Savannah. He was very thin and had and an infection of the prostate. Bones had to be neutered as soon as possible and on antibiotics. He has also steadily been gaining weight and is starting to fill out.

Bones also suffered from a bad case of heart worms that was treated after the infection had cleared and he was at a healthier weight. Bones is currently in foster and awaiting his new fur-ever home. Interested please contact Companion Animal Aid about him.

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Johnny Sprocket

Johnny needed heartworm treatments and Coastal Pet Rescue decided to take him into their rescue for foster during the treatments with HOPE helping with expenses. Johnny was a great dog and loved to play. He underwent heartworm treatment and was later adopted by Coastal Pet Rescue to a couple in New York. They drove down to get him and took him to his new fur-ever home.

johnny3 johnny2

Jessie the sweetie

Jessie was at the Effingham Animal Shelter and seemed to be a healthy boy just needed to gain a bit of weight.  He was taken in by Atlanta Dog Squad Rescue and was doing much better. During their vet exam it was determined he had a severe inner infection as well as heartworm positive. He started gaining weight but he was still is very underweight and not well enough on the inside for heartworm treatments. He was getting there but slowly. The vet was battling the infection and getting him to gain more weight.

It was with a heavy heart that we shared this news. Jesse, one of HOPE’s biggest receivers of medical aid crossed the rainbow bridge. He was found in Effingham County starved and very ill from the high number of heart worms in his system. We felt that it was necessary to give Jesse a chance to fight his heart worms, as he was only a year old and we wanted to give him the opportunity to know love with a new family.  Unfortunately, our sweet Jesse did not make it through the entire treatment. After much hard work by Jesse and many other volunteers, Jesse passed away. We are all deeply saddened by his loss, and his loss of not having a forever loving family, but we do find some comfort in knowing that he experienced love in the time that he was trying to heal.

jessie jessis update

Darla the white GSD

Darla is very sweet. She was removed from the custody from her owners as they were not able to give her the care and attention she deserves. Darla was tethered for a long period of time with a chain collar that was too snug and it resulted in the embedding of the chain into her neck. She also has recently weaned a litter of puppies that have been transferred to Coastal Pet Rescue. We thank them for their help and support. Darla continue to receive care under HOPE and was placed with Coastal Pet Rescue.

Darla was adopted but later returned at no fault of her own. She was later adopted where she is thriving.

darla darla1 391202_413512618689965_716822346_n 423391_10151475701648898_709168561_n 529519_10151500727188898_2002153125_n

Fester with the embedded collar

This is Fester.  An AC Officer picked Fester up as a stray. He had an embedded harness. When the officer saw his condition she took him straight to Animal Hospital at Rice Hope. He actually had maggots in his wounds. AC Officer continued to try and locate his owner. When no owner would come forward or be found the officer released fester to the care of HOPE.
 The embedded harness has taken a toll on his poor little body. Fester is a boxer with a lot of life and a very sweet nature, he just had very bad owners. Festre had to undergo a major surgery to close up the large wound that literally went all the way around his body. He had many drain tubes and even with all the fuss, he was still providing lots of love to anyone who wanted it.
Fester went to BARCs rescue which is a Boxer Rescue. He was later adopted after all his healing.
fester2 fester before fester fester after