HOPE Heart incentive based Spay and Neuter Program at the Effingham County Animal Shelter

hope heart

HOPE is currently sponsoring the HOPE Heart. The HOPE Heart is placed on kennels of dogs and cats as an incentive if they are adopted, HOPE will provide that animal a FREE basic spay or neuter at one of our preferred veterinary offices. Currently we are utilizing Webb Animal Clinic. Once the animal is adopted, the new owner is provide an instruction sheet with their adoption paperwork from the shelter.

The new adopter will contact HOPE and let us know who they adopted and a brief description of the animal. We then call our veterinarian and let them know the details. HOPE then calls the new owner back and tells them to call the vets office at their convenience within the 30 days allowed by law to schedule the spay or neuter. HOPE will pay for a basic spay or neuter as well as a pain management shot for the spay’s only.  This is a $60 – $80 savings to the new adopter. They are responsible for any other veterinary work they may require such as vaccinations.

We are working to help aid the overpopulation problem within our county but helping with spay and neuters. We wish we could do more than 3 animals a month and we very well may be able to depending on donations towards our program. It is all about educating the public that by spaying and neutering their pet it can have a huge impact on the amount of unwanted pets that come into the shelter that eventually have to be put down.

Help us help the community by donating to our Spay and Neuter program. Just click the donate button on the right side and put HOPE Heart in the memo. We will know it is for the Incentive Spay and Neuter Program.


Cat scratchers create enrichment for the shelter cats.


553030_591779244196634_178731638_n 1265694_591762857531606_1046231309_oHOPE provided cat scratchers to the Effingham County Animal Shelter to provide the cats and kittens some enrichment. This allows the cats and kittens to do what comes naturally to them….scratch. Scratching and needing on the scratchers aids in keeping the cats busy instead of them being left with nothing to do but be bored being confined in a cage all day. This enrichment helps with adoptions as it is so much nicer to see cats and kittens doing something when looking at them than just sitting or laying in the cage.

Once the cat or kitten is adopted the new owner receives the cat scratcher to take home. If you would be interested in helping us provide more cat scratchers please hit the donate button on the right side of the page and donate. Just tell us its for the cat scratchers in the memo. All the help and support if greatly appreciated as none of this is possible without your donations and support.


Ziva is doing great!


Ziva was a stray on the streets for over 6 months and did not trust hardly anyone. She had her few she somewhat trusted but you could not get too close but she had one man she trusted and she would jump up on him to get her attention. The people around her saw her go through litter after litter and almost get hit by vehicles. HOPE was called in to help but after consulting with a rescue we had rescue if we could get her caught. After three days of agony and waiting the gentlemen that had befriended her was also the man that caught her. He was fortunate he already had a collar on her so it was just keeping to his normal routine and when petting on her he held her collar. They then put a leash on her and took her inside their shop until HOPE could get there for the transport.

We transported her to Veterinary Hospital of Rice Hope and she was fully accessed, vaccinated, spayed, and taken care of. She finally got some much needed rest. After a few days of recovery, she went to her foster. She did test positive for heartworms and is currently being treated for them. Once she is HW free she will be available for adoption, although we have word the foster may adopt her at that time. We HOPE so.

HOPE paid for all of Ziva’s vaccinations and her spay. Coastal Pet Rescue is taking care of the HW treatment.