URGENT FOOD DRIVE for the Effingham County Animal Shelter

OK we are starting a food drive for the shelter. They have expressed some concern in getting enough food for their dogs and kittens as they have had so many come thru their doors that their regularly supplied food is running out. Therefore HOPE is stepping up and asking the community to help out by donating some adult dry dog food and dry kitten food to the shelter. If you have the means to get it and take it please do so. The shelter is located on Hwy 119 right beside the prison. If coming from Rincon heading towards 119, go right at 119. Once on 119, when you see the turn lane on the right. Turn right and on top of the hill, the shelter is on your immediate left.

If you cannot get the food, nor take it to them, please feel free to hit the “DONATE” button on the far right side of our page and utilize Paypal to make a donation for food and we will buy and deliver that food in your name. Just tell us in the memo area it is for the food drive! HOPE will be going this Friday to Tractor Supply and buying food with the donations! We have two and a half days to get donations. They need to be in by noon Friday the 29th!!!

They only appear to be in need of adult dry dog food and dry kitten food as they do have a surplus of cat food right now. Brand and quantity is not important, as any amount or kind is greatly appreciated.

When delivering it yourself, please tell them HOPE sent you so they know we are trying to get them the food they are in need of.