What has HOPE been up to lately….Well take a look!

HOPE does what we can with the funding we have from wonderful donations that come to us. With these donations we want to show you some of the latest things in which we have provided to the shelter. Here are some of the items:

  • We have provided 6 bottles Parvocide to the shelter which lasts a few months. It is helping to contain Parvo once it comes into the shelter and also to helping to keep Parvo out of the shelter. Please understand a lot of dogs under a year come into the facility as a stray and they already contain the Parvo virus. Once there they don’t show signs for days and in return infect others, but due to this new cleaner/disinfectant we found it is doing a better job containing the Parvo! Now this is not cheap like Bleach. HOPE pays $167.00 for 6 bottles every 3 months or so. That is with a discount for buying 6 bottles and getting free shipping.13255948_1101397716568115_8106411221640908675_n
  • We also provide 5-way Shots for the dogs that get adopted and for some puppies to help prevent Parvo. We just provided another round of shots to the shelter for $151.00. We do this on an as needed basis as the last set of shots were provided back in the middle of August. So basically every two months.13164414_1090703027637584_7464710524983571900_n
  • We also just provided the shelter with a check for $420.00 was needed for dividers between the kennels so the dogs do not see one another to fight. This was needed in order for the back kennels that are for court cases, sick, and stray holds can actually go outside thru their doggie door to get exercise and outside access. This is huge as they have not been able to do this much. kennels
  • We also help out with transports. We aided with a transport back in the middle of August up north as well and HOPE paid for medical for the dogs and cats for that transport. See in order to cross state lines each animal must have it’s rabies and vaccinations, and the rescues require heartworm testing and also feline leukemia testings. For all the dogs and cats that went last time it cost HOPE $489 for everything. We just helped with the transport today and again it is costing HOPE about $500 again for all the shots and tests.
  • We also just bought 6 boxes of Advantage II Flea medicine for the shelter for fleas. When these dogs come into the shelter they are usually COVERED in fleas. So they need the Advantage to kill the fleas within 12 hours . We bought 2 boxes for small dogs, 2 boxes for medium dogs, and 2 boxes for large dogs. Each box only contains 4 tubes so that is literally only helping 24 dogs. The cost is $220.
  • We also have in the past three months provided 11 adopters a FREE Spay or Neuter for adopting one of the animals with a  HOPE Heart on them. HOPE Hearts on the cages represent a FREE spay or neuter for that animal once he or she is adopted. HOPE pays for a basic spay/neuter at our local vet. Our costs in the past several months have been almost $1000 for these.
  • hope heart

Please know we have received some donations from certain organizations and companies that were a huge help, but in the past several months we have paid out over $3000 to better the shelter and to better the lives of the one’s in it or to aid in emptying the shelter to save lives and the shelter not having to put any down due to no room.

This is very important to HOPE and we wanted you all to know what we do even if a lot is behind the scenes. But now we have to ask you for donations to help us pay for some of the things we have done recently as well as help us to keep funding spays and neuters at the shelter.  We are also in great need of collars, leashes and slip leads for the next transport. All animals transported must have their own slip lead on, collar and leash as well. Two types to help maintain that animal during transport. We do have an Amazon Wish List available that has flea items on it, collars, leashes, slip leads and more. Please visit it if you would rather buy it and ship it to the shelter or deliver it to them personally.

You can also make a donation by looking to the right of the page and clicking the donation button. Please when making a donation tell us in the memo area what you would like your donation to go towards: Parvocide, Shots, Flea Meds, Transport items, Emergency medical needs, Spay/Neuter Program, or to anywhere it is needed at the time. If you would rather you can also mail us a donation to HOPE at P.O. Bx 2601 Rincon, GA 31326. All donations are tax deductible as we are a 501(c)3.