Effingham County Commissioners Contact Information

If you are in need of the Commissioners Emails to send an email to about anything related to the shelter please make sure you are speaking in a very nice manner. No Commissioner wants an email with harsh words and it also makes HOPE and the Shelter look bad too.



Wendall Kessler wkessler@effinghamcounty.org

Forrest Floyd ffloyd@effinghamcounty.org

Vera Jones vjonesdistrict2@aol.com

Jamie Deloach jamiedeloachdistrict3@gmail.com

Reggie Loper comm.rsloper.dist4@gmail.com

Phil Keifer philkiefferdistrict5@gmail.com

Jamie Deloach is the district commissioner for the shelter

County Administrator is Toss Allen 912-754-2123


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