Twas The Night Before Transports

Christmas dog and kittens.

Twas the night before the large transport

And all thru the shelter halls,

Not a creature could stand still due to excitement

And all you heard was barking thru their jaws.


What a wonderful feeling this is for them

Was the thought of the shelter director,

As she helped get each one ready for their big day

Even the cats were giving her a purrrr.


As she scheduled vet visits for spay and neutering,

And made sure all shots were up to date,

No one really realized just how much work this was

And that she had to stay up real late.


Each dog and cat getting ready for their trip

Had to undergo a temperament test,

To make sure they were a good fit for each rescue

And to make sure they were all at their very best.


As no one sees what goes on behind the closed doors

What this Shelter Director and staff really go through,

The hate mail, the great mail and so much more

But to them it’s all in a day’s work for them all to do.


So the day did come and the drivers showed up

In their vans o’ plenty and crates all the same,

They all had smiles on their faces and said lets load up

And they whistled and shouted and called them by name.


Now Penny! Now Butch!  Now, Princess and Trixie!

Now Bear! Now Sampson! Now, Belle and Dixie!

To the top of the crates the loading starts

And making sure all secured so no one darts!


All dogs and cats are secure and drivers are all happy

As each animal they took starts to get settle in,

For a long ride ahead going up north

As some have adoptions awaiting right out of their pen!


Then the shelter staff looks around at all the empty cages

Knowing the season they will be full again soon

But they won’t stop until they get them adopted or rescued

As that is the only song they sing with this tune.


They go back to the one’s that stayed and pat their heads

As they know their day is coming soon too

So it’s time to start preparing the fundraising for transports

As it’s certainly not cheap and takes so much time to do.


As the new little ones start rolling it again

They are greeted and named and petted,

As they are gathering up their paperwork

For them to prepare to be vetted.


The volunteers are called in to take them all

For their scheduled visits to the vet,

As none would be possible without them

And the staff appreciates them all and helps get them set.


As the next transport starts to take shape

Everyone needs to help to do their part

By donating, volunteering and saying praise

As no one likes negative as it sour as a tart.


So give praise to where it’s due

By social media, letters, or to any and all listeners,

Just explain all the lives that have been saved

In your emails to even the County Commissioners!


As this comes to a close, and I heard the shelter staff say,

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Day!



Written by Dena Stapleton

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