Barn Cat Program


Barn Cat Program is a new Project at the Effingham County Animal Shelter in Springfield, GA

Each week the Shelter takes in many feral cats also know as community cats. These cats can be very beneficial to farms and warehouses. They will keep the rodent and snake populations under control. No need for pesticides or poison which is more harmful to our environment. 

All cats will be spayed or neutered, have a Rabies vaccine and an ear tip which shows they have been fixed. They will be offered for adoption through the Shelter. The adoption fee is reduced for approved applicants. 

A volunteer with HOPE has been working on raising funds to vet these community cats and also to help with relocating them to new lives. It will run approximately $50 per cat to have them vetted. If you would like to sponsor a community cat you can either hit the donation button on the right side of our page labeled Donate or you can write a check and send to:
P.O.Box 2601
Rincon, Ga. 31326

Or send to our volunteer Georgiana Steese
408 Benjamin Gnann Rd.
Springfield, Ga. 31329

Please specify with your donation in the Memo area “Community or Barn Cats. Any size donation will be welcomed towards the Barn Cats Program.


If you are interested in giving a cat employment at your farm, warehouse or place of business please contact Georgiana Steese at the above address (click her name) and get on the list. Let’s get these critters out of the shelter and into the workplace. We will only be able to vet as many cats as the funds collected will allow so please consider a donation towards this worthy project.

We at HOPE are so appreciative to Georgiana for her hard work and because of her we can start on a new program and help the animals in our shelter on to new and happy lives.

UPDATE: Effingham County’s Barn Cat Program update 5/18/18: Our busiest week yet! Fifteen cats were vetted this week for a total of 71 in the past 8 weeks. We are definitely seeing the effects of “kitten season”…..yesterday, I had taken 6 phone calls by 11:30 a.m., and I’m sure the communications will only increase. The effort is well worth it…each cat vetted and put to work helps decrease the rodent population in our area, without poisons and chemicals. Since the felines can no longer reproduce, the potential feral population is significantly lowered, and we appreciate the efforts our county citizens are making to help with this! We have met some wonderful supporters, and their willingness to work as a team to provide positive outcomes, helps make this program be the success that it is! Together, we do make a difference! ❤️ Email for more info on our program, or to find out how you can adopt one of these working felines, at no cost to you. 🐱❤️

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