Barn Cat Donations Equal saving Lives

Ok you know the story about Barn Cats:

Each week the Shelter takes in many feral cats also know as community cats. These cats can be very beneficial to farms and warehouses. They will keep the rodent and snake populations under control. No need for pesticides or poison which is more harmful to our environment. 

All cats will be spayed or neutered, have a Rabies vaccine and an ear tip which shows they have been fixed. They will be offered for adoption through the Shelter. The adoption fee will be waived for approved applicants.

This was all made possible from a Grant that the shelter was able to get. But with all good things they do come to an end, the Grant money has ran out. This is where HOPE comes in to help fundraise to keep the Barn Cat Program going.

These cats are now on a farm, working for their keep by keeping the rodent population down, and living out their natural life. They are now cared for, fed, vetted, and living the good life. This is how it should be, not in a cage awaiting …….. well you know. With so many feral cats that come into the shelter in a year that were having to be put down as nowhere for them to go, this provided a great solution for them and for the county.

Did you know since March of this year the shelter has adopted out 151 feral cats that would have otherwise been put down do to no one wanting them. That was 151 lives the shelter saved by fixing them, providing rabies shots and an ear tip. All meanwhile receiving no adoption fee. All out of pocket expenses and nothing in return.

This is about 25+ cats a MONTH! It costs $50 per cat to do everything at the vet’s office. Therefore we are in great need of donations to make all this happen. Yes, This means we have to fundraise for $1,250 each month to stay on track to keep saving lives. And no this is NOT part of the county budget, nor will it ever be. They do not provide like that for shelter animals and honestly most shelters fall into this category. So before hating on the county look around at others they are the same or treat their animals with NO respect.

There are so many who criticize the shelter for killing animals and this program works and it saves lives that would have been put down. So help us help them by donating today. You can go to the Yellow “Donate” button in the upper right side of the page and it will take you to our PayPal donation page. Any amount helps and it is all a tax deduction.

Please help us save a life! The shelter staff does not want to look at them and tell them they are not wanted either. They love it when they leave adopted! Every little bit helps people! Every Bit!