August HOPE Hearts at the Effingham County Animal Shelter.

August is here and Fall is right around the corner. We have 5 dogs and 3 cats that have been selected for the August HOPE Hearts. HOPE will provide the adopter to these pets a FREE basic spay or neuter at our preferred veterinarian. We cover all expenses with the basic spay or neuter. We do not cover any vaccinations, pain meds to go home with, nail trims, baths, or any other procedure that is not associated with the basic spay or neuter. This is a great savings to the adopter and it is our way of saying Thank You for saving a life and creating a home for them.  Dog adoptions are $50 and Cat adoptions are $40. Each include one vaccination and a rabies shot.

These babies are at the Effingham County Animal Shelter in Springfield, GA. If interested in one please call the shelter at 912-754-2109.

Meet Bingham! A shep mix. This guy is super playful and a little hyper. He needs space to run and play. Still a baby boy, about 8 months+

Meet Chloe. A pit mix. She is VERY playful and needs a firm family. We think shes around 10 months + She LOVES to run around and she always wears her smile.

Meet Chloe. A pit mix. She is VERY playful and needs a firm family. We think shes around 10 months + She LOVES to run around and she always wears her smile.

Meet Howie! A hound. He’s 2y+, a little timid at first but fine when he warms up to you. Needs a little training and lots of love.

Meet Lovey! A lab/shep/pit mix. Lovey is 1+, friendly and looking for love! She loves to give kisses!

This is Sweetie. A chihuahua. Sweetie is 1+ and looking for a home of her own. She was turned with her brother Max, parents could not find home for these two babies. She’s scared in the shelter but would make someone a great lapdog.

Meet Sheila, 1+, Timid but loved to be petted. She would make the perfect lap cat.

Meet Sheila, 1+, Timid but loved to be petted. She would make the perfect lap cat.

(Tabby an white cat) Meet Rose! She is 1+, declawed and very friendly. She does not get along with dogs but other cats are fine.

(Tabby an white cat) Meet Rose! She is 1+, declawed and very friendly. She does not get along with dogs but other cats are fine.

Meet Gunner. He’s about 4 months + very laid back and friendly with people and other cats. He came in with his sister and loves to just lay around.

Meet Gunner. He’s about 4 months + very laid back and friendly with people and other cats. He came in with his sister and loves to just lay around.

Jangles, Bunker and Chopper… Just who are they?

Meet just a few of the wonderful dogs the Effingham County Animal Shelter in Springfield, GA has to offer. I know it’s a shelter, what really could they have to offer that is good? Right? That’s what most people think when they start looking for a dog or cat. But the shelter gets to know each dog and cat and this can aid in helping you get the right one for you, not a biased opinion from the owner that is trying to get rid of it or just sell it.

JanglesMeet Jangles. Jangles is a Terrier mix. Poor Jangles was found one morning after being dropped of in the outside drop pens. But after being at the shelter for a little while it is apparent he is very good with other dogs, loves to play with them and adores being around people. He has some leash manners and adjusts very well to new surroundings. He really is a great little dog and would work great for a smaller apartment or smaller home environment. Just look at that face, how could you not want to come by the shelter and meet him? Jangles also has a HALF-HOPE heart on him for the month of April. His adoption is $45 which includes his rabies shot and his neuter through HOPE would cost $35.


bunkerMeet Bunker. Wow can’t say enough good things about Bunker. He was also an owner turn-in. They had financial reasons to do what they did but they also “Paid it Forward” by paying for his adoption fee. They truly want their Bunker to get into a great home. Bunker is a black Boykin Spaniel. All his vet records are with him as all vet visits were done at the Effingham Animal Hospital. He loves to ride in cars, has great leash manners, knows commands, and very well behaved. He just needs a new home to love him and be able to take good care of him. Bunker is really a ready-made dog just waiting to go home! His adoption is FREE.


Chopper (2)Meet Chopper. He is a beautiful white with brown spots Am. Bulldog mix. Chopper was an owner turn-in as they just could not keep him anymore. Not that they didn’t want him but just thought it would be best for their situation that he be placed into a better home. He is neutered and was vaccinated. His vaccinations were done in Jacksonville, FL so the shelter could not confirm. Chopper is housebroken as well. He does not get along with other dogs so Chopper would need a home without other dogs. They are not sure about cats, but a safe bet to just keep him as the only pet. His adoption is $45 which includes rabies shot since his vaccinations could not be verified.

If interested or have any additional questions in any of these three dogs please contact Bill, the Adoption Coordinator, at the Effingham Co Animal Shelter at 912-754-2109. Please go by the shelter as it is off Hwy 119 and Hwy 21 behind the Effingham Co Prison and check out these three dogs or any of the other animals they have up there. They are all on limited time as the shelter fills up quickly with all the strays and drop offs they get daily.

Please spay and neuter your pets. It helps with the over-population in the county!

Thank you from all of us at HOPE

Two new HOPE Hearts at the Effingham County Animal Shelter

Check out Karma and Honey. They both have the HOPE Heart on their kennel showing they will receive a FREE spay when adopted from HOPE. Karma is a sweet girl that is looking for her furever home and about a year old. Honey is about 5 years old and just loves attention. They are at the Effingham County Animal Shelter. If your interested please contact them at 912-754-2109.


Francine (formerly known as Shy) was RESCUED!!!!!!!!!

Francine was selected as she was an animal cruelty case. Someone left her in a closet to die. When brought to the shelter she was so scared and shy the shelter staff called her Shy. Shy was at the shelter for awhile but then started to blossom into a cute little girl waiting for attention. After a local rescue saw her posted online, they went to meet her and fell in love with her. She was pulled immediately from the shelter and renamed Francine.

Francine had a HOPE Heart and HOPE will be providing that rescue a FREE basic spay for Francine. No matter if its an adopter or rescue HOPE honors the HOPE Heart as it is there to save animals no matter who gets them. Francine is on her way to a happy home and a happy life, something we all feel she so far may have never known.


Ziva is doing great!


Ziva was a stray on the streets for over 6 months and did not trust hardly anyone. She had her few she somewhat trusted but you could not get too close but she had one man she trusted and she would jump up on him to get her attention. The people around her saw her go through litter after litter and almost get hit by vehicles. HOPE was called in to help but after consulting with a rescue we had rescue if we could get her caught. After three days of agony and waiting the gentlemen that had befriended her was also the man that caught her. He was fortunate he already had a collar on her so it was just keeping to his normal routine and when petting on her he held her collar. They then put a leash on her and took her inside their shop until HOPE could get there for the transport.

We transported her to Veterinary Hospital of Rice Hope and she was fully accessed, vaccinated, spayed, and taken care of. She finally got some much needed rest. After a few days of recovery, she went to her foster. She did test positive for heartworms and is currently being treated for them. Once she is HW free she will be available for adoption, although we have word the foster may adopt her at that time. We HOPE so.

HOPE paid for all of Ziva’s vaccinations and her spay. Coastal Pet Rescue is taking care of the HW treatment.

Meet Scar Face – Our newest member to the HOPE family


This is Scar Face. He is an American Bulldog. He is currently up at the Effingham County Animal Shelter. He is being cared for up there by the employees as when Scar Face came in it appeared he had been bitten over and over and used as a bait dog. Scar Face was previously adopted out from the shelter and then utilized as a bait dog when he fell into the wrong hands. When the owners were called, their number had been changed. Poor Scar Face was in pain due to his injuries and infection was setting in. HOPE was called and we decided even though he is at the shelter with a fate that could be uncertain, we could not just let him suffer in pain or die due to infection.

Dr. Bailey, the veterinarian for the county shelter, treated him and stated he would need antibiotics and a steroid. HOPE went down and got the medicine he needed and delivered it to the shelter. After a long weekend of medicine and care, we have been informed that it is working and he is feeling better. That is the best news that he is doing well now. If you would like to help with a donation towards Scar Faces treatment please hit the DONATE button on the right side of our page. Here you can put in the instructions area “Scar Face” so we know your donation is for him. His total for the medicine was $110.90. Any size donation is welcomed.

Even though Scar Face is doing better, he is still at the shelter. This means even though he is doing good he still needs a home before his time runs out. Effingham County Animal Shelter is a kill facility but they try to do everything in their power to place dogs and cats in homes before their time is up. There are just so many animals and sometimes not enough homes. Please take a moment to post Scar Face to aid him in getting his new fur-ever home that will take better care of him and not allow him to get into the wrong hands.

Even though Scar Face was used as a bait dog, he still remains sweet and loving. He is just a little nervous at the moment until he gains trust in you, due to him being on his own for almost two months before Animal Control caught him. Time, patience, care, love and understanding is exactly what this boy needs.

Aidan the baby


UPDATE 6/24/13: Aidan is doing much better and healing very nicely. Aidan is going to undergo some testing for his condition on his back but he is receiving great care and is in a loving foster home during all of this. Right now his medical bills are estimated at about $400 which includes his testing, neuter and shots.  Once we get the testing results we will share the information with all of you as to what happens next for Aidan. He is such a trooper and the thoughts now are it is a severe skin condition that was caused by his prior living conditions. After being bathed, living in a good clean environment, eating good dog food, and being taken care of he is really doing much better.

HOPE has a new baby that we want to introduce. Aidan has come to our attention from the Effingham County Animal Shelter. Aidan was brought in by an Animal Control Officer that found him abandoned and hurt. It appears someone has set this poor little baby on fire or burned him somehow. There was not enough for the officer to go on for a case so this baby has been released for adoption, although he needs emergency medical care and cannot be adopted yet. If he was not taken today he would have been put down at the shelter as they do not have the funds available for such cases. HOPE stepped in and is now working with Coastal Pet Rescue to help him. HOPE will be providing the medical aspect while Coastal Pet Rescue will be fostering him and getting him adopted out into a loving home when his treatments are done.

Lisa Scarborough of Coastal Pet Rescue named him Aidan which is means “Little Fire” in Irish. Perfect name for a little guy. He is young which makes it even harder to bear someone would do something so cruel to a baby. He appears to be a small terrier type but full of energy. With some tender loving care and some medical attention he should be just fine. He is scheduled to go to Animal Hospital of Rice Hope tomorrow for his exam. Lets wish him luck.

We will be starting a chip-in soon for him and will provide the details as soon as it is ready. We are awaiting his veterinary visit to see just what is going on with him. We know he will need his shots, to be neutered, and have his burns tended to. We just do not know if there is anything else that needs to be done. If you would like to send in a donation now please send a check to HOPE at P.O. Box 2601 Rincon, GA 31326 and put “Aidan” in the memo. We are also working on getting a Donate button added to our site for added convenience.

Here is our poor Aidan.

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