Christmas Pet Food Giveaway Nominations are being taken now!!!


We are thankful for everyone who has helped HOPE throughout the year with donations and such. We are going to host a giveaway from today until Dec 16th, so basically one week. The giveaway is for a needy family to help them out by HOPE providing a bag of cat food or dog food to the family. We have 20 bags of dog food ranging from large to small bags and 20 bags of cat food again ranging from small to large bags. No guarantee as to what size bag you will get.

All bags of food have been donated by various places and from various sponsors that are to remain anonymous . But we can say the Effingham County Animal Shelter is donating one bag of dog food and one bag of cat food to show their appreciation in all that HOPE does for them. That said, they have also offered to be the storage facility for the 40 bags. When the winners are selected and notified they will pick up their bag from the shelter. The nominations must be local to the Effingham area to be able to pick up their bag!

Please send submissions to This is for nominations only and not for yourself. Provide the following information of the family you are nominating:

  1. Name including first and last name
  2. Phone number
  3. Email address
  4. If they own a dog or cat (only select one for nominations)
  5. Explain why this family needs this right now. Be descriptive.


HOPE will select 20 dogs and 20 cats to receive the Christmas Pet Food Giveaway. Owners will be notified by phone/email and they will have until the end of December to pick up their bag of food. If they have both a dog and cat, they will be told which bag they will be picking up from their nomination. Any bags not picked up by Jan 2nd will be forfeited and a new person will be selected or it will be given to the shelter or a rescue.

Good luck everyone. And please share this. Thank you!

Dog Enrichment Program at the Effingham Co Animal Shelter


kongHOPE already has an enrichment program for the cats with the cat scratchers, but the dogs were left out. Not really but HOPE had to get the approval for the dog enrichment program as it creates a new step in the cleaning process in the mornings and will require them to watch the dogs more closely. Now that they have a new Kennel Supervisor, Brandon, the dog enrichment program can be set off.

Due to all the donations HOPE has received, we were able to get with Kong and their Kong Cares program and put an order in for 50 Kongs. Our order is for various sizes as well as for regular and power chewers. We also ordered a kit to where the shelter staff will be able to create flavored ice to be placed within the Kongs for extended play especially during the summer months. This will be huge as it will provide the dogs something to do and not be so bored in their kennels during the day when not able to go outside to play.

Now our order is placed but it can take 6-8 weeks to fulfill the order. These Kongs are what they call the imperfect ones, therefore it takes awhile for them to get your order ready to ship. We just wanted everyone to know we are still working on getting the dogs something to do during the day and provide them with enrichment. Enrichment is very important to the shelter animals as it help make it more like home and not a jail cell.

HOPE would like to thank each and every one of our HOPE donors that helped to make this happen. We cannot do all the things we do for the shelter and shelter pets without the donations you provide. If you would like to donate for the next project we do at the shelter or towards our Incentive Spay/Neuter Program please hit the donate button on the right side of our page and let us know what you would like the donation to go towards. If you do not specify then we will use it for whatever need comes up first.

Thank you,

The HOPE Team